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2011 Squires & Company Show Reel

Demo Reels : Geoffrey German's Videos : 2011 Squires & Company Show Reel

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2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
on Nov 2, 2010 at 8:01:16 am
United States
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This show reel showcases our diverse body of work. Print projects are brought to life by animation and accompany recent motion graphic work we've done. We wanted a promotion this year that focused on [more]
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@2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
by Harvey Wiesenberg
Your show reel was terrific.I liked the striking VFX imagery,along with its upbeat music.

Re: 2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
by rajesh kumar
i like that map u made in AE nice use of it !
Re: 2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
by Kim Stewart
I really like the Dada-esque moving image collage part (about half-way through)!
Re: 2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
by Jeff Squires
Nice work, smooth editing. No connection with this company, found it due to the name.
@Jeff Squires
by Geoffrey German
Thanks Jeff. Appreciate you taking the time to view and comment. Funny about the name connection.
Re: 2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
by Geoffrey German
Thank you Dan. Appreciate you taking the time to view and your feedback.
Re: 2011 Squires & Company Show Reel
by Dan Fletcher
nice effects!I intend to pass this one on to my fellow students.
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