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A Day Made of Glass

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A Day Made of Glass
on May 11, 2011 at 3:26:31 pm
United States
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Corning's "A Day Made of Glass" is a worldwide viral sensation with over 12 million views on YouTube. The video shows technologies evolving with Corning's specialized glass products in everyday life [more]
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Re: A Day Made of Glass
by Marian Kraus
Exceptionally well done, fluid, poignant and visually compelling. Gets the message across elegantly. Bravo.

Marian Kraus
Re: A Day Made of Glass
by Victoria Feinerman
Beautifully done! Congrats on your excellent work.

Victoria Feinerman
Professional Voice Talent in US English
Re: A Day Made of Glass
by Dylan Hargreaves
Brilliant execution. Bet your client was over the moon!
Re: Video: A Day Made of Glass
by Nick Griffin
In a couple of words: simply elegant! All involved are to be congratulated on an excellent execution of an extremely solid concept.

One little but, though. This is remarkably similar to a piece done by Sun around ten years ago which showed giant, curved work surfaces on which windows could be moved, sized and changed to other functions. The Sun desk also had a shot where the actor just laid a printed page face down and that part of the desk became a scanner with the scan then instantly dragged over and integrated into the actor's project. And, as a final difference, the Sun piece ended with the message that virtually all of the technology shown by this peak into the future was "operating in development labs today." That was ten years ago and so far the closest, coolest thing we have to it is the iPad.

None of this takes anything away from A Day Made of Glass. It is truly at the pinnacle of corporate video.
Re: Video: A Day Made of Glass
by Stephen Smith
I love it. Great work!

Stephen Smith
Utah Video Productions

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Re: A Day Made of Glass
by Rough House
Camera used was the ARRI Alexa, DP was Norman Bonney.
Re: A Day Made of Glass
by Henry Vaughan
What camera was this filmed on?

Stray Fox Newcastle video produciton - "Transforming Ideas Into Engaging Experiences" -
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