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Henry Walker Homes

Demo Reels : Commercial : Stephen Smith's Videos : Henry Walker Homes

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Henry Walker Homes
on May 11, 2011 at 8:04:03 am
united States
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This 2k commercial was created by Lone Peak Productions and PPBH. It is showing in all of the Megaplex theaters after the movie tra [more]
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Re: Henry Walker Homes
by Brian Briggs
Stephen, this is great I just got your moving with motion DVD. Is this technique or a tutorial in your dvd's. Thanks
Moving with Motion
by Stephen Smith
Thanks for supporting me and the COW. Unfortunately my DVD doesn't cover this technique. To do it watch Chapters 10 -12. You will learn about Z space or Z position. For this spot I had a photo that was cut into layers. So the boy on the bed was one layer. The bed was another and the wall was another layer. You then separate the Z position of the layers in Motion or AE and then add a camera move. The then creates the 3D movement feel. You will get a really good feel for this in chapter 10. Hope this helps and best of luck.

Stephen Smith
Utah Video Productions

Check out my Motion Training DVD

Check out my Vimeo page
Re: Henry Walker Homes
by David Roth Weiss
Very cool!!! You do great work Stephen and your Motion tutorial is great... But, Motion isn't easy - it's a different way of thinking in some respects.

David Roth Weiss
David Weiss Productions, Inc.
Los Angeles


A forum host of Creative COW's Business & Marketing and Apple Final Cut Pro forums. Formerly host of the Apple Final Cut Basics, Indie Film & Documentary, and Film History & Appreciations forums.
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