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Motion Graphic and Animation Reel - Dominic Legg

Demo Reels : Dominic Legg's Videos : Motion Graphic and Animation Reel - Dominic Legg

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Motion Graphic and Animation Reel - Dominic Legg
on Oct 21, 2012 at 5:25:11 pm
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Motion Graphic work of Dominic Legg
Adelaide, South Australia
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Demo Reels
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Re: Motion Graphic and Animation Reel - Dominic Legg
by Mohd Mahabubul Alam
Inspiration comes in many forms but for motion graphic designers it's hard to beat a great demo reel. For this week's roundup Topher gathered 16 killer motion graphics and vfx demo reels. Please feel free to add any links to reels you find inspiring in the comments.

16 Killer Demo Reels

Mark is an amazing interface designer working on a ton of prestigious movies such as The Island, Children of Men and Mission Impossible III. His designs are both immensely futuristic and completely breathtaking to see.

Andreas' website Eclipse FX, has bunch of links to the work that he has accomplished, and the awards that he has won. He is a very talented compositor working on many productions including the internet fanflim, still in the making, Star Wars: Threads of Destiny.

One of my fellow authors here on AEtuts+, Markus Gustafsson has a pretty sweet demo reel. Not only is he a great teacher, but you can see some of the subjects of his tutorials here, as pieces in his reel as well as some of the freelance projects he has done over the years.

This Dutch based studio deals in everything... motion graphics, visual effects, animation, and anything else you can throw at them. They have done some amazing work for Nike, MTV, G4, just to name a few, with a truly unique feel to their work. I actually found them from their work on The American Dollar's "Anything You Synthesize", a truly amazing music video.

James is a London freelancer, rocking a bunch of work for companies like VH1 and Nickelodeon, but what I really like about his work, is the 2.5d feel he gives it. A lot of the stuff you can tell can be created in After Effects, and has a great cartoony, paper-character feel to it.

This french motion design artist has a ton of work for websites and branding projects, working mostly with 2D motion design, with a dabble in 3D, as every good motion design artist should.

This reel here has a ton of 3D as well as some 2D, but all good artists have to broaden their horizons eventually. Josh shows you a great reason why. Working at tons of different studios as a freelancer, he has quite the reel put together.

Rick Morris runs Noble Assassins as Creative Director and has a great mostly 2D reel, working on advertising material for television. I love reels like this, because it really shows you how far After Effects can go as a primary tool.

Nylon is run by three people: Jason Cook, the Creative Director, Bryan Lee, also Creative Director, and Joe Montalbano, EP. These three together produce some amazing work, which is very heavily reliant on 3D, and has an amazing colorful design appeal.

I'm not gonna lie, in the first five seconds of this reel I thought "what in the world am I watching?" but then Chris broke into the real stuff in which makes his real worthy of this list. He has a great eye for creativity, and his motion design and animation are really well put together.

Danny made it onto my Inspirational Typography list a while back and his demo reel now, will simply not be looked over without a mention. You have probably seen at least one or two of the clips in his reel on television or in flim sometime or another. Working at Prologue, he has worked on a ton of different movies, and has probably one of my favorite reels on this list.

Kyle has a cool reel with a lot of the pieces made entirely in After Effects. He works in Vancouver, BC as a mograph artist and director. One thing you won't see in his reel though (and the reason I wanted to include him in this list), is the work he did on the "California" music video for Hey Ocean... amazing use of typography simulating the inside of a catalog.

Rhino is a very high end studio with some truly stunning pieces they have worked on. They are more on the visual effects realm of things, but I thought it would be worth noting here because it was so rad. I'm sure After Effects was used here and there for touch-up, but for the most part things are created entirely in 3D.

New York's HUSH is run by Erik Karasyk, David Schwarz and Laura Alejo. Specializing in TV commercials, music videos and branding, the lastest reel from them is killer.

Chubbard, as his freelance design is called, has worked on a few tv shows doing spots and branding such as Criss Angel, VH1's Charm School and the IFC Channel. He has got a really creative eye, and some very cool design pieces in his reel especially the running hand at the end.

This guy has worked on some movies that would be a motion designer/comic book nerd's dream. Spiderman, Superman, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man... and his credits don't stop there. I couldn't think of a better reel to end the list with, but we have to sometime. Might as well be with something truly remarkable.
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