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PEACE - comedy short film trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : Victor Carbonneau's Videos : PEACE - comedy short film trailer

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PEACE - comedy short film trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 11:15:55 am
United States
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Trailer for the short film "Peace" starring Kurtwood Smith and Nancy Lenehan. "Peace" is a brutal comedy about one man's struggle to preserve his sanity after retirement forces him to stay home with h [more]
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I forgot to add a rating.
by Mark Suszko
I forgot to add a rating. Sorry, here it is.
Kurtwood has been building a sort
by Mark Suszko
Kurtwood has been building a sort of type-casting for himself as the put-upon/slow burn/potential violence guy. Most people recognize him from Robocop and that 70's show. He's always interesting to watch, but more so when he's playing against type, much the way Gleason's Ralph Kramden becomes more interesting when he steps away from the bluster, and lets his inner emotional core and moral center get exposed, just a little bit.

What I think about using him in a film like this is: is the story good enough structurally to be told successfully, even if you didn't have the marketability of Smith in the lead role? Like John Cleese in "Clockwise", the story hinges on what personal growth or self-revelation or change happens to the character at war with his own nature, more than on the immediate comic question of "just when will he finally lose it, what is the final provoking straw going to be?"

What I think a good trailer for this sort of genre should do is lay out the comic premise in easy to grasp terms, but also suggest the question about if the protagonist is going to achieve something more or not. I think you need both steps in there, or the promo feels unfinished, like a short skit versus a complete play. This is a great effort and will probably succeed with or without my input, but if you're looking for a way to help it over the top, that's my suggestion.
by Clifford Terry
It gets the point across but lacks a good opening and the pacing is a bit stilted.
Absolutely . . .
by Michael LaFortune
well done. Quick, short, humourous. Fine acting and camera work. Looking forward to seeing the movie.
You have to love Kurtwood Smith in anything he does
by charles pierce
The man is simply one of the best character actors working today. This one looks to be a real gem.
I like it!
by Brian Berneker
Kurtwood Smith is an interesting actor to watch, and the situational humor shows through, and I want to watch it for that alone. But this is a review of the trailer and I need to say that a bit more could be suggested about the plot. Is there something he's trying to do to run away, or overcome his retirement crisis outside of the house or is the whole thing taking place at home? Looks fun, but could use a bit more of a suggestive reveal...
This trailer makes me want to
by keith mcgregor
This trailer makes me want to see the movie, well done indeed! Another side of Kurtwood? Not just Red anymore!
Quite funny, and I love Kurtwood Smith's acting
by Ron Lindeboom
Well done reel, Victor. I'd love to see this film as it strikes me as one in which Kurtwood Smith gets a real chance to spread out, which I am sure he can do quite well. He is a great actor.
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