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Repair Demo Reels & Inspiration

Cinema Gotika - Film Restoration & Mastering Reel
Cinema Gotika - Film Restoration & Mastering Reel
by Gabriel Campa├▒├│
CINEMA GOTIKA [CGK] is the first "digital lab" and boutique in Latin America and our core business is apply high-end solutions to image and sound mastering for cinema and media content. We specialize in digital film restoration in order to protect, improve and preserve invaluable cultural and artistic heritage. The... watchArgentina
published 8 years ago   demo reel
Camera repair
Camera repair
by Chris Cottrell
This video shows how TEK MEDIA GROUP provides service and repair on lenses as well as circut boards. Many comapnies simply replace the board while we pinpoint the burned out I.C's and replace them individually. Saving you money!... watchUnited States
published 9 years ago   corporate video
Video Tech
Video Tech
by Audrey Wershow
We can do all repairs of pro and amateur video cameras , players, etc. We have 22 years expierence. We appreciate the time demand for turn around time especially for the professional.... watchUnited States
published 10 years ago   commercial
company channel intro
company channel intro
by Jorge Talamantes
a short intro i made for our youtube channel (in sony vegas 13)... watchMexico
published 5 years ago   demo reel
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