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DaySpring Media Demo

Demo Reels : David Braswell's Videos : DaySpring Media Demo

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DaySpring Media Demo
on Feb 13, 2013 at 8:58:43 pm
United States
Here's our current demo featuring a variety of shots from our Sony F3.
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Re: DaySpring Media Demo
by David Braswell
Hi John,

Thanks for the feedback. I acknowledge your disdain for lack of nat audio, but doubt using it would have positively impacted either the "feel" or lack of context that seems to be your greater issue with the sequence.

Like other production/post companies, from time to time we try different formulas for the demo reel mix. For us, the reel is meant to show some of the range of work we do at a glance, and is usually presented with other vignettes that appeal to the specific client we are pitching. Fortunately, we've never had a client conclude our audio skills (or equipment) were lacking after viewing demos strictly synced to music. ;-)

Again, thanks for watching and offering your POV.

Re: DaySpring Media Demo
by John Grote, Jr.
No order to any of the shots, its basically a hodgepodge of shots. Do you not shoot sound on the camera?

I have to ask this question watching this, what are you trying to show me? You have interview bites, mixed in with a shot of a basketball game, what is the tie in to the two? Or the shot of the lock around the gate, what does that have to do with anything you are showing me?

One of my pet peeves is lack of nat sound!!! You show me interviews, but I don't hear anything from them. The audio does not need to be up full, I get that you are trying to show me some pretty setups, but the only nat sound you use is the sound effect in the airplane graphics.

J. Grote, Jr.
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