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The Making of "A River of Skulls"

Demo Reels : Short Film : Trent Anderson's Videos : The Making of "A River of Skulls"

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The Making of "A River of Skulls"
on Dec 28, 2009 at 6:03:33 pm
United States
A short documentary film about the making of a feature film entitled "A River of Skulls". We followed the cast and crew around various old movie sets and other locations in Calaveras County, Californi [more]
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by Abraham Chaffin
Yea - it was out of sync - I've replaced the video with the original flv which wasn't out of sync. Not sure why the re-encoding destroyed the sync but will look into it.
Abraham, watch this and see if around 2:30 minutes and beyond, if the audio loses sync
by Ron Lindeboom
It looks like the compressor threw this one out of sync. Would you look at the original file and see if we can recompress where it doesn't lose sync? Thank you, Ron
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