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Massachusetts DUI Attorney Jason Chan

Demo Reels : Commercial : Matt Cadwallader's Videos : Massachusetts DUI Attorney Jason Chan

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Massachusetts DUI Attorney Jason Chan
on Feb 24, 2011 at 5:22:21 pm
United States
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Attorney Chan is a licensed criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts.
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Re: Massachusetts DUI Attorney Jason Chan
by Wayne Clark
I have to be honest here, as I have done lots of these commercials for lawyers. Technically, it was very good, the video and audio were up to par. If your going to shoot commercials like these, do not be afraid to be honest with your client concerning their presence "on camera". Your clients presence is very distracting to what his message is. In his case he has a very bad problem with Acne, with can be very distracting to the viewer, and his message will probably be lost. If he would have insisted on being being the spokesperson, I would have hired a make-up artist to make him a bit more "glamorous" Another thing, would be to have your client standing, instead of sitting. Defense Attorneys, and ambulance chasers are typically aggressive, and should be presented that way. Its a corporate law firm, be more sophisticated, and the can be sitting, like in a board room. We did one a couple of years ago, where the attorney is a female. She was HOT, SMOKIN, SEXY!!! She could have said nothing, but her phone rang off the hook every time the commercial ran. I never forgot that lesson when doing a commercial for an Attorney.

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