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Projection 1

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Projection 1
on Mar 5, 2010 at 3:29:35 am
United States
This is the first attempt. The skew is off a bit but you get the idea. I think if I added blue (day for night) to the building I could sell the night a bit more but this will affect the color behind [more]
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If this shot is locked-off, then
by Mark Suszko
If this shot is locked-off, then you could do lot more of this just in photoshop.
I'm not an AE guy (yet)
by Mark Suszko
I'm not an AE guy (yet) but what I would want to try in AE for this is to isolate the part of the photo texture that has the bricks and the windows, and create a bump map or a displacement map, that displacement map will bump the projection as it falls onto the window frames and etc. and sell the illusion better, I think.

As far as adding blue, well, think about it: a real projection on that wall would be a different color temp inside the area where it shines, more red-orange anyway, so I think you could get away with coloring the whole frame blue with crushed blacks, to sell it as night or evening, and just matting or cropping a box around the projection area. Interior light coming out of some windows would help sell it more.
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