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on Nov 25, 2010 at 6:26:42 pm
United States
This in-house project was put together mostly for fun. We wanted to put together a short film mostly incorporating CG elements of aliens invading South Miami. A lot of manual tracking was involved. Al [more]
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Short Films
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Re: Slayed
by Tim Parsons
I know it seems kinda dorky, but you may want to check your grammar. The opening paragraph says "leading to our fall in mankind." This is awkward syntax. Rather, "leading to the fall of mankind" would be more natural.

Also, the title, "Slayed" isn't a real word. "Slew" is the active voice, as in "The aliens **slew** the humans." Whereas "Slain," in the passive voice, seems to be more what you are looking for, as in "The humans were **slain** by the aliens."

Little improvements like that set you apart and don't embarrass your firm.
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