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"SPANISH DANCER" by Ricardo Griego

Demo Reels : Music Video : Vincent Pascoe's Videos : "SPANISH DANCER" by Ricardo Griego

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"SPANISH DANCER" by Ricardo Griego
on Aug 12, 2009 at 10:10:06 pm
United States
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A melding of myth and folklore, romanticized idealism, and modern reality intertwine with a mischievous twist to capture the grace, beauty, mystery and inner strength that defines the Spanish Dancer.
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Seamless use of green screen!
by Rachna Reddy
Seamless use of green screen!
Excellent Guitar and Video
by Bob O Dell
Excellent, I also kinda have a thing for Guitar.. :)

Excellent video, Vincent
by Ron Lindeboom
I am always a sucker for anything Spanish classical or Flamenco. Thanks for posting. Beautiful video. Shot on RED build 20
by Vincent Pascoe

Shot on RED build 20 Alpha...
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