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Waiting For The Wind

Demo Reels : Music Video : Leo Dargan's Videos : Waiting For The Wind

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Waiting For The Wind
on Aug 10, 2014 at 3:57:37 pm
United Kingdom
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Waiting For The Wind. ( WFTW )is an original song composed, lyrics and translation to music by Max Dunbavin.
As on youtube. Presented on the BRI - DAR channel.
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Re: Waiting For The Wind
by Leo Dargan
Max Dunbavin is a Musician of the future. I say with optimism If he keeps producing originals like Waiting For The Wind and singing like he does he will be snapped up by the powers that be. I can hear you all saying, Your welcome to your opinion. But I hope I am right
My Very Best Wishes to you all. BRI - DAR
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