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Eric Sanderson Motion Graphics Reel

Demo Reels : Eric Sanderson's Videos : Eric Sanderson Motion Graphics Reel

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Eric Sanderson Motion Graphics Reel
on May 14, 2009 at 8:15:38 pm
United States
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A collaboration of my student work as well as my work from my first year in the field. Critiques are always welcome. Thanks.
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Re: Eric Sanderson Motion Graphics Reel
by Ken Green
This is STILL an amazing reel! I dream to be at this skill level. Very well done.
FWD: Thinking
Re: Eric Sanderson Motion Graphics Reel
by Heather Crank
Really beautiful! Nice work!
Amazing Reel
by Stephan Helmhout
I am impressed! Great to look at!
Lots of Fun
by Raymond Tuquero
Well Done. I like the Appeal of the whole reel. It's catchy Very catchy and I also like the way the letters and many of the assets follow the music well.

2 Thumbs up in my book.
by Aldrei Martinez
Amazing man ! is that a preset ? or u made the effects ? Hope there is a tutorial in this. Thanks
Great stuff
by Joel Sink
Excellent reel! Love the style of the intro. Music was a great choice as well.
Well done.
by Bill Dawson
A very mature reel for someone so fresh at it. Great stuff.
Worth waiting for, Eric
by Ron Lindeboom
Nice technique, good movement and the way you edited the vibrating letters to the deep bass tones was quite good. Well worth waiting through all the upload attempts to get it successfully added to the library. Please let Abraham know what settings worked for you, so that we can be aware of them if anyone else runs into the issues you did. We would appreciate it.

Best regards,

Ron Lindeboom
by Abraham Chaffin
Nice reel man - like the audio on it =p
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