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1000cc Show Open

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1000cc Show Open
on Jun 23, 2009 at 8:15:35 am
United States
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Lone Peak Productions, a Utah Video Production company created this show open for a new TV show called 1000cc Raw Thrill. The show opens with great sp [more]
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Re: 1000cc Show Open
by Ronnie Whitting
Great stuff. Keep up the great work.
Someday when I grow up to be a real editor I want to learn how to do that.

Ron Whitting Executive producer-Owner
A.F. Productions / AFP-HD
Tyler, Texas
Zak Peric
by zak peric
I agree, Motion is very cool tool.
You can have argument for Motion and against Motion. However I love it, in the end of the day it is personal choice, nothing else.

Loving your reel Steve. Will post a link on
by Stephen Smith
Thanks for the comments. This TV show open was created in Apple's Motion. Music came from Digital Juice's music library and I recall it taking about 4 days to build.
by Patrick Jones
Can you give me how long that took you to create - Which programs you used, including graphic programs, like digital juice etc... fantastic!
Very well done, Stephen.
by David Johnson
Very well done, Stephen.
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