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Making of "The legend of Dick and Dom"

Demo Reels : Alessandro Mondaini's Videos : Making of "The legend of Dick and Dom"

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Making of "The legend of Dick and Dom"
on Jul 15, 2010 at 8:15:49 am
United Kingdom
he Legend of Dick and Dom Series 2 - VFX Promo -

The Red Frog team were asked to provide VFX expertise on the latest 2 back to
back series of this CBBC production. 2 episodes were scripted to be m [more]
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Re: Making of "The legend of Dick and Dom"
by Alessandro Mondaini
Hi Mike, sorry to my late response but its a very busy time.
In this case the environment was almost unknown, we just had a rough idea, then we did a pre-visualization of the environment directly in 3d (no textures and no lights just geometry). Once we received the footage in 4k resolution we started to key out the green, export in cinema 4d with alpha channel and start to model, light and texture everything.

Alessandro Mondaini
VFX, animation Director - Red Frog Limited (Manchester, UK)

Alessandro Mondaini - Digital Artist - Manchester (UK)
Re: Making of "The legend of Dick and Dom"
by Mike Cohen
Looks like a fun show - guess it hasn't made it to BBC America yet!
Always fascinating to see the before and after.
How much detail is known about a shot when it is filmed on greenscreen? For example, you have a ladder and nothing else - are the environments or a painting made first?

Mike Cohen

Medical Education / Multimedia Producer
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