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The Good, The Bad & The Bugly

Demo Reels : Short Film : Slade Deliberto's Videos : The Good, The Bad & The Bugly

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The Good, The Bad & The Bugly
on Jul 7, 2009 at 2:36:44 pm
United States
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3d animated movie created for the Houston Museum of Natural Science - Insect Exhibit. These talking insects help to introduce kids to the wonderful world of insects and teach them that everyone has a [more]
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Very Well Done
by Markus Griebling
I'd have given full marks on this but I too feel it is missing some background music. This would add a lot the overall "depth" of the short. The voices were very well done - congrats to all.

by Slade Deliberto
I am replacing the animation with one that has a soundtrack. Enjoy!
Very nice
by Terry Esslinger
I thought this was very cute. Great choices of voices for the 'creatures'
Vry cool
by Jay Moffat
Love it, nicely done...
We are featuring your short in today's newsletter, Slade
by Ron Lindeboom
Congratulations on being selected as one of our feature shorts in today's Creative COW Newsletter, Slade. Great work. Very well done.
This is the version we made for the museum exhibit (entrance of the bug exhibit)
by Sharad Patel
the lobby is very noisy so we decided not to put in music to make it into a din. On the DVD version (which I should upload) we added music for every insect (thematic) and the intro and outro (symphonic).
Really nice work
by Ron Lindeboom
The animation is very good and the soundtrack is also very good. But I would have cut some music into the intro -- almost something very airy like a swirling harp, etc. -- and as an audio bed in places during the piece. Great work.
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