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Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010

Demo Reels : Michael Delaney's Videos : Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010

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Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
on Nov 27, 2010 at 2:44:13 pm
United States
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First Draft of my Demo Reel comments and critiques welcome!

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Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Mecca Adams
GREAT STUFF, I lost interest about a minute through.
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Jason Jantzen
first though after reading comments, "he's in college still!? woot??" so who hooked you up with those high profile gigs or were those school projects? Nice editing, though I would agree with the track change/pace/length from the others. I hear it all the time, keep it around a minute.
@Jason Jantzen
by michael delaney
I'll be happy to keep that answer a mystery! Thanks for the compliments and advice once things settle in this semester be on the look out for v.1.1 !

-Michael Delaney
Animation & New Media
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Laurie Doering
Good point Ben! Yes definitely cut down on the length.
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Ben Hess
well done Michael ! good stuff. I'm not sure who you're targeting with this but the Fonda / Robards film title sequence and Discovery Channel bumper are certainly high profile. I'd move them earlier in the reel. While you have some really strong work, I suggest cutting the reel down to :60 - leave us wanting more. Or if you don't want to do this, then consider a music change after a minute or so. Hope this helps, g'luck!
@Ben Hess
by michael delaney
Thanks for the advice Ben I'm going to be condensing it this next semester for sure as well as adding some new animation goodness.
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Laurie Doering
You are welcome Michael. I usually pick the soundtrack first and make the editing fit the music. You need something fairly quick and snappy for this video. I'll drop you a line if something hits me.
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by michael delaney
thanks Laurie any tips for a soundtrack?
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Sebastian Sperr
I am always impressed what goes through the grapher's minds.

Ride On!

customize your life
Re: Michael Delaney Demo Reel 2010
by Laurie Doering
Some very interesting effects! I personally would just use a soundtrack(s) without vocals for that type of video. The genre of music selected can be distracting to appreciate your excellent visual effects.
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