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Coal Powered Filmworks Demo Reel 2011

Demo Reels : Wade Sellers's Videos : Coal Powered Filmworks Demo Reel 2011

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Coal Powered Filmworks Demo Reel 2011
on Jan 6, 2011 at 2:56:54 pm
United States
Coal Powered Filmworks is a full production and editorial company. We provide production and post production support with full editorial and motion design services. You can view our work and contact u [more]
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Re: Video: Coal Powered Filmworks Demo Reel 2011
by John Grote, Jr.
Hi Wade,

Not to bad, I like the some of the work you have done and your choice of music. But, I don't get the vignette at the top, what was that about? And around the 35 second mark your video screeches to a halt in comparison to the music that is very driving. You start showing me shots with no energy. I think if you do some quick cuts to what is there to keep up the pace, but showing me a woman talking with a chart behind her just slows everything down. Same goes for the next couple of shots in that part of your demo.

J. Grote, Jr.
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