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Demo Reel 2010

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Demo Reel 2010
on Feb 4, 2011 at 10:10:28 pm
United States
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I am a motion graphic artist just starting my career, would love to get feedback on my work.
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Demo Reels
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Re: Demo Reel 2010
by Ronald Lindeboom
Nice work. You have a fresh style and one that I believe will resonate with viewers. The only criticism is as someone said, you need to think like an editor when you are creating the final sequenced presentation. Very good. I really liked it.

Best regards,

Ronald Lindeboom
CEO, Creative COW LLC
Publisher, Creative COW Magazine

Creativity is a process wherein the student and the teacher are located in the same individual.

"Incompetence has never prevented me from plunging in with enthusiasm."
- Woody Allen
Re: Demo Reel 2010
by Liani Bayatyan
Thank you all for you comments.
Re: Demo Reel 2010
by Will Keir
Pretty nice. I like the music it fits your style and picture well. I would consider hiring you based on this. Keep up the good work.

Re: Demo Reel 2010
by John Lewis
I love the teapot/ clock contraption. Keep up the good work! I hope you live in a place where there is work to be had.

Re: Demo Reel 2010
by jeyathas ponnuthurai
its really looks so cool, definitly u will have a chance to get better job.
Re: Demo Reel 2010
by David Scott
Hi Liani
Well done!
Think you've got a great sense of colour and design.
Personally I think you need to work on your camera moves, and editing technique. The individual elements all look really well thought through from a design perspective, but then you need to change hats and think like a film director/cameraman/editor when you move into the last stage.
Great work though!

David Scott,
Senior Editor,
Re: Demo Reel 2010
by travis heberling
I thought your content looks extremely polished, but something about the pace of the whole thing seemed off to me.

Keep up the work =)
Re: Demo Reel 2010
by Paul San Filippo
nice work keep it up!
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