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Matt Holmes Demo Reel

Demo Reels : Matt Holmes's Videos : Matt Holmes Demo Reel

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Matt Holmes Demo Reel
on Mar 22, 2011 at 8:42:36 pm
United States
Thanks for watching. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Re: Matt Holmes Demo Reel
by MIke Jones
Looks great, did you create a rectangle then a right angle connected to the front tire of the bike, lower the opacity in the solid rectangle down low and enter text SPEEDD : 45 MPH and keyframe it for the entire shot of the guy on the bike? Also what program did you use when you created that?

What program did you use to create the effect at 22, the map with the scope? Looks great

Finally at second 41 when you quickly zoom out on the girl from inside the map inside the tree house was that a really zoomed in picture that you motioned out of at second 45? And what program did you use?

Overall, looks solid Matt
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