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The Fixer

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The Fixer
on Aug 16, 2011 at 7:34:15 pm
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What if you would have the power to fix anything?
My second amateur short movie. Shot just with a mobile phone camera and a few friends. I hope you like it.
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by Rafael Amador
Hai Luis,
I've heard that you won a contest and you are invited to the MACWORLD!!!
Congratulations man.
Enjoy it, you deserve it.
keep working like that, we expect many good things from you.
Re: The Fixer
by Ronald Lindeboom
I just tweeted this short on my Twitter page. Nice experiment, Luis. While I clearly and immediately caught the Clockwork Orange homage and the use of the Video Copilot stuff, you came up with a story and pulled it off. That's the real essence of film, not the effects or the 'wow!' factor, it's the story that holds people. Good storytelling, keep at it.

Best regards,

Ronald Lindeboom
CEO, Creative COW LLC
Publisher, Creative COW Magazine
A 2011 FOLIO: 40 honoree as one of the 40 most influential publishers in America

Creativity is a process wherein the student and the teacher are located in the same individual.

"Incompetence has never prevented me from plunging in with enthusiasm."
- Woody Allen
@Ronald Lindeboom
by Luis Mieses
Wow! It's an honor for a newbie amateur like me, hear these words from you. I'm really really gratefull.
Re: The Fixer
by Luis Mieses
Thanks a lot Rafael, I love you like it and... share it, share it, shaaaaaaareeeeee iiiiit XD.
Gracias Rafael, me alegro de que te guste y como has dicho... comparte, comparte, coooompaaaarteeeee!!! XD
Re: The Fixer
by Rafael Amador
Esto es simplemente la hostia.
Se lo tengo que enseñar a todo el mundo.
@Rafael Amador
by Tim Parsons
En Ingles, por favor?
@Tim Parsons
by Rafael Amador
Sorry Tim.
said that that's tooo much and I had to share it :-)
Re: The Fixer
by Luis Mieses
Thanks again, I used an Iphone 4, and the reason why they use make-up is becouse they're a gang, like in the U.S. the gangs wear some badge (I think this is the right word) But I did it exaggerated, like in "The clockwork orange" or "The warriors".
Re: The Fixer
by Tim Parsons
Same here! He taught me the software, and I took it and ran with it! One up for Andrew Kramer and VideoCopilot!

All the same, it was used well and tastefully done. you didn't just recreate his tutorials, you actually *used* them to enhance your story.

What phone did you use?!

one minor thing... why the heck were those dudes wearing makeup?
Re: The Fixer
by Tim Parsons
Snap! the fact that that was a mobile phone blows my mind! oh, and nice use of VideoCopilot elements. Andrew Kramer is the man!!

very well done. some very creative elements!
@Tim Parsons
by Luis Mieses
Thanks man!!!
I love you like it, and yes, the little I know it's becouse videocopilot and creative cow, oh yeah!!!
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