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2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel

Demo Reels : Marco Solorio's Videos : 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel

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2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
on Oct 20, 2010 at 9:28:51 pm
United States
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A collection of time-lapse footage from various projects, all shot by OneRiver Media. All shots in this demo are available for stock footage purchase through
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Re: 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
by Aaron Aviles
Very cool Marco. nicely done. I am a composer out here in Los Angeles, love to score to some of your work.

:) A

Aaron Aviles

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Re: 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
by Stefani Rice
What elegant transitions and exciting action you have achieved! You definitely have an eye for beauty and a graceful way of capturing it.

Re: 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
by Mari Bee
Great job!! congrats...
Re: 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
by Paul Jannetta
Hi Howard, I have to agree with you on Marcos timelaps, truly awesome..well shot, stunning cityscapes.. soundtrack too..! Im impressed Marco..regarding the footage, and your queries as to the frames per second, I may be able to give you a little advice on that matter, as I've done some of my own. The difference, however, was that I shot my footage on much lower resolution. That's not the only difference, I chose to shoot the footage at a higher frame rate than you would expect to see, 4 to 5 frames per second. The reason for being that they gave me the option, as it had so many frames to get to time rates from the same footage, by simply decimating the frame rate by two or even three frames in postproduction. Incidentally in case you're curious I use a very simple MPEG encoding program, well to be actually! For that particular purpose, try Virtual Dub, it's freeware, and has many features despite , one of them being frame rate decimation. That method also serves the purpose, at the other end of the scale as in if I want to have a really smooth and much slower timelapse period I have the frames to put get away with it the .
Re: 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
by Marco Solorio
Thanks for the comment. I mostly shoot all my time-lapse with my old Canon 20D. I choose to not shoot time-lapse with my 5D Mk II because it kills the mirror... would rather beat on an old 20D than my 5D Mk II that is used for photography and video production. Even with the 20D, the RAW images are much higher rez than 1080 HD, so they still need to get scaled down to 1080. IMO, it's better to get a "beater" camera, like an old 20D, 30D, etc., than a brand new camera that'll only get trashed. Even a 20D will produce better results than a dedicated HD camera (like a HVX-200) in time-lapse mode.

Most of my shots are at 2 second intervals. Some might be 3 if I recall.

Marco Solorio | CreativeCow Host | OneRiver Media | Facebook | Twitter | Media Batch
Re: 2010 OneRiver Media Timelapse Reel
by Howard Ferrier
Fantastic! I'd love to try this myself, what type of camera do you use and what's the interval between shots on, say, the Bay Bridge traffic sequence?
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