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2011 Demo

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2011 Demo
on Aug 16, 2011 at 6:41:25 pm
United States
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This is my 2011 demo reel. It was created using After Effects, Cinema 4D and Final Cut Pro 7.
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Re: 2011 Demo
by Beth Donica
Hi there! I love your reel and would like to talk to you about the possibility of doing some work for us. Can you email me at your contact information? Thank you!
Re: 2011 Demo
by Duane Lee
I'm in AWWWWWWE !!!!! I'm new to this editing and spending hours (sometimes days) trying to do one simple effect. At my rate, I couldn't do what you have done in a year. IT was GREAT!
Re: 2011 Demo
by jesus guzman
nice editing, nice footages, nice is nice :-) hope i can reach that lvl of editing soon... i just say---- wow
Re: 2011 Demo
by Brian Little
Thanks Wes. Josh Garrels is the artist. His latest album is a free download on his website.
Re: 2011 Demo
by Tracy wu
this clip has a pretty clear picture. Love this clip.

:)No dress rehearsal in our life,every day was a field pickup.
Re: 2011 Demo
by Wes Walker
I randomly came across this tonight, and I love the song that you used! Nicely done.

Also my first comment on Creative Cow :) Peace up,

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