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3d Demoreel 2015

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3d Demoreel 2015
on May 22, 2015 at 9:26:17 am
Here is a clean demo-reel for modeling work with not much of complication to make video more attractive. Have a lot more professional work in row & working on to update.

Thanks for giving time!

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Re: 3d Demoreel 2015
by Anvesh Tandon
A summary of my background history in art will show how I can be an asset to Media Match, I have:
• 2D drawing skills
• Strong 3D modeling skills with high-low poly modeling (re-topology)
• Skills and experience in Adobe Photoshop
• Strong skills in drawing and painting
I know that my 3+ years of experience within the field will help me bring innovation and creativity to Media Match. Being a 3D artist requires more than just the technical skills but also the creativity that makes art come to life in a 3D manner. This is something that I take very passionately and that shows throughout my work which can be found in my portfolio of samples.
I’m looking forward to a meeting in which I can discuss how my training, experience and special qualifications in the art field can be used for a betterment. Please contact me at +91 8130782869, or email me at
Anvesh Tandon
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