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LOST VILLAGE - documentary trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : Andrei Bocharnikov's Videos : LOST VILLAGE - documentary trailer

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LOST VILLAGE - documentary trailer
on Dec 17, 2009 at 10:57:18 pm
Czech Republic
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For the first time in human history, a smaller proportion of the global population now lives in rural areas, states the United Nations statistics from June 2006. The twentieth century witnessed the ra [more]
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Beautiful Videograpy, can be tightened up.
by Paul Schiemer
Gorgeous imagery- nicely timed (color).
Compelling story that would be interesting to hear (see).

Try trimming it up a bit to tighten up the pace.
It's a trailer" after all. A 'tease' to get people in to the theater or buy the DVD. KISS - keep it short, simple.

If it was mine, I'd dump the piano track- just doesn't belong.
[When in country I always try to engage local musicians* to obtain their performances of traditional music (either prerecorded or something I gather.)]
[*goes without saying; they get credit and compensation]

The idea of a piece like this is to transport the viewer to the place. "Scratch and sniff", if you can pull that off in what is being shown and heard, makes it all the more powerful.
Laying in some grand, symphonic texture detracts from that (IMO) Especially needle drop cuts.

Same goes for the V.O.. While it is nicely done, very professional- it detracts from the 'feel' of place.
Certainly there's an English speaking (country) native near your post facility who could do the narration.

It's definitely a FIVE COW show- I don't get pulling a cow because it needs a little additional work.
The part you've shown is stellar work, and a fine story to share-- we can see that straight up. [it just glows with that character of high quality- as exampled by the response it is receiving- we wouldn't comment unless we cared, or were significantly impressed.]

But, you gotta tell us about the 'bonk' you got from the seemingly angry woman on the street! A story unto itself.
**I once had a cobra appear in my viewfinder, inches from the lens. Snake charmer showing off his 'pet'. Yow!

GREAT WORK- can't wait to see the final show.
I would have given it a 4 except that it is just too long
by Mark Nancetor
The images are beautiful. The voiceover work is very good. The editing is tight, but really does need to deliver the message quicker. I knew where the story was going quite early in the trailer. Unfortunately, the pacing was just too belabored to deliver the message with sounding overly preachy. That is always tough in a trailer of this nature. It really is a great body of work and if it were tighter, I'd give it four cows.
Thank you all for kind comments.
by Andrei Bocharnikov
Thank you all for kind comments. I used Panasonic HVX200 shooting DVCPRO HD 720p50. Most of the footage done in 50 fps to have ability to slow it down. Aerials shot from motorized paraglide with GYRO modified steadicam. DVD in India will be available at the end of January 2010.
by Ajay Sharma
Would love to buy the DVD, Any Technical Details ? on the Type of Cameras used etc?
Lost Village
by Clifford Terry
Excellent, a very compelling story but may have been equally effective if it was shorter. Less is more when you are making a trailer. You don't want to give too much away.
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