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JR. BULL - documentary film trailer

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JR. BULL - documentary film trailer
on Dec 18, 2009 at 7:03:58 pm
United States
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Jr. Bull captures the unique lives of the top-ranked teens in one full season of grueling training, unwavering discipline and thrilling competition in one of the mos [more]
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Needs nothing improved, this is a
by Mark Suszko
Needs nothing improved, this is a perfectly executed trailer and obviously a work of love and deep respect for the subject.
by Zachary Fink
Thanks Randy and Alexander for your comments. Alexander, you're absolutely right. This is a "teaser" for a film we haven't shot yet. We've spent just enough time at the finals in Texas to cast the kids and film for a day or two.

In early January my director and I are going to spend three weeks with 3 of these kids in order to get more material that digs into their personal background and begins to tell the story that is Jr. Bull.

We're hoping that we'll be able to put together a 15 minute "pilot" episode that will help us sell the story as either a TV series or a feature film.

Will update this post with a link to to an actual trailer when it's cut and up on our website!

Great subject & cinematography! Only thing
by Alexander Wolf
Great subject & cinematography! Only thing I missed was some more personal/background info. The mother cringing was very strong and it triggered a desire to see these kids in their homes being 'ordinary kids' playing with harmless toys as a contrast with the heavy action, their parents talking about what type of kid he is and how they deal with the danger as a family, for instance. In short, it would be nice to get a more personal angle of one or two kids so you can identify as opposed to the more impersonal/general approach of showing many of them.
Jr. Bull
by Randy Wiggins
First of all, the camera work and cinematography are top notch. Cuts are perfect and the timing is excellent. All in all, a first rate job. I can't get over the eyes of children. If the eyes are the window to the soul, you managed to capture their story in minute detail so much so I could actually feel what they were feeling. It felt as if I were looking at young soldiers preparing for battle, except these kids were facing the arena alone, under the watchful eye of thousands. Their bravery and courage are phenomenal. I want to see more!
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