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BURNING ANNIE - official trailer

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BURNING ANNIE - official trailer
on Dec 19, 2009 at 7:51:57 pm
United States
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The trailer for BURNING ANNIE, an award-winning comedy from Van Flesher and Armak Productions. Available for sale or rental wherever award-winning comedies from Van Flesher and Armak Productions are s [more]
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awkward high school coming of age movie
by Brian Berneker
Looks like an interesting film, although the Woody Allen premise seems a bit dated for today's younger audiences.

Some parts of the editing could be a wee bit tighter (timing of dialogue cuts) and the background music seems to fall off a little soft into the second half. The title treatment works, but the whole "scrolling impact italic font" wasn't doing a lot for me. This should sell the film well, but could use a bit of polish.

(Man, I always feel like such a jerk being critical after Ron's consistently complimentary remarks!!)
An excellent trailer, Randy. Well done.
by Ron Lindeboom
I think this is one of the most professionally done trailers in the COW, Randy. Moves well, communicates the story and offers enough twists and turns to hold viewer interest. Well done. Unfortunately, we rented the movie from Netflix and watched it last night -- at least part of it. If the film had moved as quickly as the trailer, it would have been better. As it was, it moved so slow that both Kathlyn and I wanted to give up on it after about a half hour. We struggled through until about an hour in but couldn't take it any more after that. I hate to say that but this is a case where the trailer surpassed the film, in my opinion.
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