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JAMIE'S GOT A SECRET - The Silentreatment

Demo Reels : Music Video : Scott Cannon's Videos : JAMIE'S GOT A SECRET - The Silentreatment

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JAMIE'S GOT A SECRET - The Silentreatment
on Jan 15, 2010 at 7:13:33 pm
United States
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Produced as a chomakey test for my JVC HD110. The band is The Silentreatment
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that is some secret
by Jim Hines
Wow, it would be Radio Disney here we come - except for that secret huh? So you did this as a chromo key test and don't we all know how hard it is to pull a good key from DV HDV HD video - especially if it's not lit properly - but you did a pretty good job - maybe could use a light wrap - I don't know - the video itself is lacking something - energy I think - If I could give 3.5 I would but I'm going wih 3 - rock on!
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