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CAN'T CALL LOVE - Sarah Darling

Demo Reels : Music Video : jason ryan's Videos : CAN'T CALL LOVE - Sarah Darling

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CAN'T CALL LOVE - Sarah Darling
on Jan 18, 2010 at 8:12:36 am
United States
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Director's cut of the music video for "Can't Call Love" by Sarah Darling off her debut album, Every Monday Morning.

Director: Jason Ryan
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Great look!
by Johnny Coleman
This video is somewhat a break from the norm and a throw-back. It is soft with alot of natuaral scenery and creative angles an compositions, as opposed to the cgi, and digital composites that are prevelant in music videos today. Good Look!
by Jim Hines
This is a tough one to critique because I feel a seperate curve needs to be applied to these entries based on budget - and you obviously had a good budget for this. There is nothing wrong with the production of this video - it's a good song - she is a fairly appealing singer - but - this video feels like a formula - I've been watching ones like it on MTV and then VH1 since the beginning - it's very safe - so purely from a subjective aesthetic point of view the video doesn't work - for me - again the cinematography - the poingant ending - the smooth cuts all 5 cows but overall based on budget and whether the video actually does it's job for this viewer - 4 cow final score. Good work. Rock on!
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