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POWER LOVE - Astro Club Blonde

Demo Reels : Music Video : Michael Borowiec's Videos : POWER LOVE - Astro Club Blonde

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POWER LOVE - Astro Club Blonde
on Jan 20, 2010 at 1:20:16 pm
United States
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A music video for Astro Club Blonde's "Power_Love". The song and video deal with the relationship between the United States and the emerging super power, China. The video portrays the idea of separati [more]
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You clearly have not studied the culture you espouse to be courting...
by Ron Lindeboom
You state in the description of the video that: "The song and video deal with the relationship between the United States and the emerging super power, China. The video portrays the idea of separating from the past mentalities and divisions and creating a more united world. Particularly relevant at this time since our counterparts in China are unable to view this video due to internet censorship."

My initial reaction to this video is that it is a work done with hopeful naivety that unwittingly perpetuates reasons that the government in China censors (some of) the Net, on some occasions. (We get many successful log-ins from China, so your blanket statement is not completely true and is at least, somewhat misleading.)

It would have been far more effective as a work of detente, had you had a Chinese couple interacting with an Anglo couple, for example. By having a traditionally garbed Chinese girl being invited into a "let's make love" dance with her modernly dressed Anglo counterpart, you have created a subliminal message that only reinforces the idea of the "cultural homogenization" that the internet represents to many cultures who are striving to hold onto their traditions in the face of rapid social standardization.

Because it misses the mark that it sets out to accomplish, I can only give it two cows. Sorry. I know others will disagree and they are welcome to their opinions. This one is mine and I am sticking to it.

Ron Lindeboom
The future's past
by Joel Neville Anderson
I believe this video, and the work of the band it represents, speaks not only to a fantastic vision of the future, but a history of forward thinking pop musicians (Yellow Magic Orchestra, etc.) with an earnest humor and flare for entertainment.
luv the music!
by Logan Worthington
This video is a lot of fun, and the editing was really sharp. The neon writing really played well off the musical timbre. It took me a while to understand what i was witnessing, but once i got it, I loved it. I agree with michael, this video is an expression of now. I'd love to party with these kids!
Great Video. I really think that
by Michael Borowiec
Great Video. I really think that it captured a sense of youth and is in tune with the times. I feel like this video did a lot, with very little.
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