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JOYRIDE - Evan Spade

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JOYRIDE - Evan Spade
on Jan 21, 2010 at 6:41:35 pm
United States
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Evan Spade's 2nd music video. Shot with a Canon HV30 and a Letus DOF adapter.
Cut with FCP and graded with Apple Color.
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Thx for your comments Jim!
by Steve Poirier
Thx for the good feedback!
The story part was planned on the fly and was shot in only a couple of hours.
I love the film look of a DOF adapter, although tricky to work with.
Evan Spade has strong song writing skills. There's a lot of excellent work from other visual artists in this contest.
You got some good shots with that little camera
by Jim Hines
I have an HV40 but I don't think I've gotten such good stuff - I don't have the DOF adapter though. Nice color grade to - very rich looking.

Anyway this video started off promising but then left me kind of non plussed - at the risk of sounding pretentious the cuts do not feel motivated - I think you got a nice performance out of the actress - not so much with the actor - the shots of the slide guitar solo very nice - the varied zoom on the face of the singer nice but again it's more to do with when and what you cut tfrom and to - sorry to be so vague - I actually would like to have seen less of the singer and more of the story - Song is better than average but I'm going with a 3 cow overall score based on other videos here with the same performance + back story style of music video and my own personal preferences. Rock on!
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