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THE ME YOU SEE - Spiral Trance

Demo Reels : Music Video : Jimmy Sammarco's Videos : THE ME YOU SEE - Spiral Trance

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THE ME YOU SEE - Spiral Trance
on Jan 28, 2010 at 9:00:34 am
United States
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This is a Music Video that I produced and directed for the rock band Spiral Trance. It's somewhat of a dark theme viewed through the eyes of a young boy surrounded by infidelity, and fallen heros. [more]
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Nice Production
by William Hawk Edwards
Expertly handled. The concept and direction really set a mood (hard-edged and just a little disturbing). The look, especially the lighting, is very polished and had a real high-end feel. The acting carried the plot well but there was plenty there to remind us that this was about the Band, and the Band ROCKED! Awesome sound and the editing is very, very tight. Congratulations on an kick-ass video!
Keep 'em coming!
A very professional film
by Barry Pifer
This is one that I would expect to see on MTV or VH1. The lighting, plot, editing, picture quality and sound are exceptional. Look forward to seeing more.
by Darrell Beck
Exceptional in every way, from the lighting, to the acting, to the concept, tight editing and shooting. This is one to be very proud of.
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