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Demonstration Reel 2010

Demo Reels : Mathieu Champagne's Videos : Demonstration Reel 2010

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Demonstration Reel 2010
on Jan 28, 2010 at 5:21:39 pm
United States
Mathieu J. Champagne
VFX/ Motion Graphics Designer

Any thoughts/ suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks.
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Demo Reels
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Yes, I uploaded crap.
by Mathieu Champagne
The web site told me that I could upload nothing larger than 900 width, with a file no bigger than 50 mb. I had to compress it into oblivion to get it to meet those standards. I apologize, as I have never uploaded here, and am much more familiar with Vimeo and YouTube that accept nearly any file I can throw at it.
by Ron Lindeboom
So does your comment mean that you uploaded junk here? We can accommodate up to full uncompressed 1080p HD, so I am not sure what your comment means.
by Mathieu Champagne
For higher quality viewing check out my web page at "", or my YouTube channel at "". Thanks.
We allow up to 200 MB of upload, currently
by Ron Lindeboom
My apologies that we forgot to update the upload instructions to reflect that we had raised the maximum allowed is now 200MB.

I hope that helps in the future. (We will be raising it into gigabytes later on, but we are in the midst of testing and building our support and working out the bugs in our video support.)

Thanks for the feedback, Mathieu.
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