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THE GUN - Team Skeme

Demo Reels : Music Video : todd mcmullen's Videos : THE GUN - Team Skeme

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THE GUN - Team Skeme
on Jan 29, 2010 at 6:30:07 pm
United States
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Apocalyptic Look at a world without water.
Music video shot in a few hours with the HVX -200.
Music composed by Team Skeme.
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Re: THE GUN - Team Skeme
by Ian Sweet

Ian Sweet
Hey this could happen -
by Jim Hines
There really is a threat of running out of "drinkable" water.

I'm impressed with what you got here in the few hours that you said you took to shoot it - how long was it in post?

I'm not going to score it now because you'll probably have a better shot at getting more views down here at the bottom and I'm not thinking I'm going to give it 5 cows - just based on the music (that techno thing not getting it for me) and then just comparing it to other entries. The only real knock I have is that the kiss didn't work for me and I think that is a pretty important moment in that it is the most vivid expression of "gentleness and life" in a world surrounded by "harshness and death" - He grabs her too hard and it ends so abrupty by virtue of the edit. - eh wtf do I know - I like this concept a lot and you did a good job with the color and staging and shot selection, camera work - Rock on!
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