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NAGDEO - Dréa Drury

Demo Reels : Music Video : Simon Haiduk's Videos : NAGDEO - Dréa Drury

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NAGDEO - Dréa Drury
on Feb 9, 2010 at 7:06:50 pm
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A visionary journey merging global consciousness towards a healed world. This was made as my final project from Digital Design school. Music by Dréa Drury of Zoetic, and Motion Graphics by Simon Haid [more]
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Thanks Jim. My version of the
by Simon Haiduk
Thanks Jim. My version of the upload was looking fine, but I see that it is super crunched. On that note here is a link to a higher res QuickTime.
I'm not sure how to upload a new one.

I think this is spectacular design work.
by Jim Hines
I love the concept and your 3D camera work effectively conveys the feeling of consciousness passing from one to another - the shape that you build beginning at 1:51 is really beautiful - I liked this a lot - you should try and upload a better compression though as this one is really crunched.
great thanks!
by Simon Haiduk
Thanks Ron!
That is a hilarious compliment.
I approve of your kind of approval. ;)

(I did end up uploading a higher res FLV, looks decent now.)
Now this is one of the coolest music videos I have ever seen
by Ron Lindeboom
"I love weird things," says The Boomie. So, this one gets a five from me. Great animations that belong at a Pink Floyd reunion concert -- wait, some of the guys are dead. Never mind. But still, Floyd wishes they had videos like these to play behind them while they performed. Beats the heck out of that massive floating pig balloon thingie they had on the Animals tour. You did Floyd proud, even the dead ones now roll over in their graves with approval.
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