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MEMORY - Zoot Woman

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MEMORY - Zoot Woman
on Feb 11, 2010 at 4:32:19 pm
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'Memory' is a music video to the song of the same name by the internationally acclaimed British band 'Zoot Woman' that tells the story of a man who can't let go of a lost relationship. It is a mixture [more]
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@MEMORY - Zoot Woman
by Harvey Wiesenberg
I'm impressed with the graphics and VFX .Just the right touch to keep the video-story board flow along with the bands music.Its nice to be young.

very unique
by Noelle Vaccese
The animation rotoscoping looked so beautiful, what a wonderful idea to convey the idea behind the song. I liked how you set the pace of the video with your editing of the live footage. Loved that we never see his face, it's all about what he sees.
Who are these clandestine 4's?
by matt kresling
Why won't they show themselves?! And I've never seen them, but those commercials sound cool.
Thanks for that Ron -
by Jim Hines
Guess my ego just can't believe it when people are not in agreement with it :-) Certainly it is a well recognized effect - but I felt it was used creatively in furthering the story within the song. Regardless, this is a contest full of excellent work - dontcha think? Cudos!
Even though I gave it a 5, when talking to those that gave it 4s...
by Ron Lindeboom
To Matt Kresling and Jim Hines: The overwhelming consensus that I heard was that they felt that the video was good but unoriginal. I heard from a couple of them (to quote) "the video used the HP advertisement's frame technique and the Charles Schwab cartoonification technique." They felt that the original's were better but this was good. That is what I heard, just so you know.
I agree-this ought to be much higher.
by matt kresling
This video has been spiked with a bunch of undeserved 4's. You 4's ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
OMG! How did this end up down here?
by Jim Hines
Oh well. I thought this was a really good one. Rock on!
very very nice! one of my
by Jonathan pannacciò
very very nice! one of my favorits *^_^*
Great stuff!
by Tudor Jelescu
I went in set on finding something I did not like...
That was hard- Great idea, first and foremost! Nice fx and camera (not all pov's work as good).
The one thing I did not like was the very end, it kinda' left me dissapointed.
But since they don't allow for half cows, i give ya 5.
by Jim Hines
Love it! Very nice story telling - very clever proffessional clean use of that effect in order to build a dramatic arc - catchy pop song - good rythmic cut - smoothe flow - camera work - tracking - top dollar work - 5 cows
Wonderful technique and storytelling, Mike
by Ron Lindeboom
When it first started out I wondered why it was getting such high praise but then it moved into gear and I had to call some of the people in the office over to my machine to watch this. They all were as impressed as I was. Like Matt Kresling, what I like best about this video is that it interprets the idea of the song and builds a visual story to ride along with the verbal and auditory queues within the song. Kudos!
by matt kresling
I think what I like best is that the video makes an attempt to interpret the song, rather than using it as merely a bed for some animation fireworks show.
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