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3D / VFX Generalist reel

Demo Reels : Adam McEwen's Videos : 3D / VFX Generalist reel

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3D / VFX Generalist reel
on May 4, 2010 at 1:29:51 pm
United Kingdom
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This is my first 3D / VFX reel, any comments or critique welcomed.

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How about some contact info?
by Don Hertz
Very nice reel but I didn't see any way to contact you if someone liked the reel. Perhap you should list an e-mail address or web site at the beginning and end. Just a thought.

Don Hertz
Fusion Media Works
Re: 3D / VFX Generalist reel
by Michael De Greasley
Not yet started on my first piece - and if that was your first then I take my hat off to you... Well done :)

Life is the ultimate dream :)
by peter peters
doesn't feel like a 1st reel, congrats
by Paul Logan
You really know how to dig in. I just started working with Motion 3. It takes a while to get to know all these options are there! Would you consider Motion a well thought out software?
nice work...
by Raul Portillo
good job dude...

in which software did you work all these animation?
Not so bad actually!
by Carlos Peña
i think that is great, actually, because u said it, is your first, your effects are great, and specially the crater xD hehe good job and keep working ;)
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