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WIRUSY GRYPY - Living On Venus

Demo Reels : Music Video : Łukasz Stolarski's Videos : WIRUSY GRYPY - Living On Venus

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WIRUSY GRYPY - Living On Venus
on Feb 28, 2010 at 5:15:19 pm
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This is a music video I shot in August 2009. There was no budget and no crew, everything was achieved thanks to helpful friends and self-determination. It took several days of preparation, four days o [more]
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Thanks for your comment!
by Łukasz Stolarski
Thank you so much for expressing your opinion. I'm sorry that I haven't replied earlier, but I was extremely busy for the past two months. Some people told me similar things, I've thought about them and I can understand this point of view. However, the band's wish was to not to interact with people, they are supposed to be invisible to the people around them. I know that usually you should show the band, their faces, promote them in this way, but here it wasn't the case. We also wanted to interact between frames more (there's only the ball and the girl), but without a proper crew it was just impossible to do
I love the idea but have a suggestion...
by Ron Lindeboom
The idea and most of the execution is very good. But it needs to "break its own rule" from time to time and let one of the artists "surface" in the production. Then, you could have it "settle back" into its groove of the four disparate musicians in their own setting. But never letting them out of the "situational constraint" makes it to where once I have seen the video once, I would likely not need to see it again. I am very sorry for saying that but if it were to break out of its own constraint from time to time -- for example, letting the guitarist fill the full screen as he interacts with his guitar and the people walking on the sidewalk (or perhaps a car pulling over to the curb in front of him to watch him play -- would make it far more interesting.
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