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AAIIGHT - Ramsey Judson

Demo Reels : Music Video : charles moore's Videos : AAIIGHT - Ramsey Judson

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AAIIGHT - Ramsey Judson
on Mar 1, 2010 at 2:14:01 pm
United States
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This video has a very small budget. Shot with DVX100 and HVX. We used 48 frame recording in order to get a slow motion effect while he was rapping. Enter a day in the life of rapper and musician Ramse [more]
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Nice video
by Jay Rizzunk
Dope....properz. Front to back this is very solid.
Yo bro go!
by Jim Janossy
Not sure what means 1 on cow and what means 5 but I gave it a 5 hoping that's tops. I like it, can't understand it, but I have no TV so no way to truly relate to media newer than 45's, but it's great with the quick scene changes and where did you dig up a John Belushi? He looks real good for being under wraps for lo these many moons.
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