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Hellsing Original Sound Design

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Hellsing Original Sound Design
on Mar 9, 2010 at 1:57:33 pm
United States
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This is a sample of my sound design. I got the video clip from an Anime called Hellsing. Its about powerful vampires who fight each other. A small warning that the clip is a little dark, but it sou [more]
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Sound Design
by Michael Loftus
There are a lot of layers and that makes for rich and realistic sound. I hear only two false notes: the singing group at 1:10 made me want to hear what they were singing and momentarily pulled my attention away from the video; and the squeezing of the leg at 2:08 had more of a mechanical note than organic - it needed to be more squishy. Other than that it's a very nice composition.
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