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Drew Eilers Motion Design Reel 2010

Demo Reels : Drew Eilers's Videos : Drew Eilers Motion Design Reel 2010

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Drew Eilers Motion Design Reel 2010
on Apr 16, 2010 at 9:02:25 pm
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Motion design, animation, graphic design, motion graphics
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Nice Work
by Steve Poirier
I'm a FCP editor who's slowly getting into motion graphics. I like your style.
How did you get started? any suggestions for someone starting?
Very Nicely Done!
by David Valentine
I enjoyed your work. Thanks for sharing!
Drew's Reel
by Todd Leslie

Hey Drew, Excellent reel. Your motion graphics are awesome. You are a talent.

great reel
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
I love the way you integrated the demo with the song and message. Great job!
thanks for the feedback
by Drew Eilers
i really appreciate the positive feedback guys. thank you.

re: programs I use:

photoshop, illustrator, aftereffects and cinema 4D... I do all my editing in AE....
Great work
by Bruce Hildebrand
Thanks for posting--it's a work of art.

I would love to know what programs you used to generate and edit the work. Great demo.
by Michael Pettygrove
Thanks for putting it up!
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