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Reel 5.0

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Reel 5.0
on Apr 23, 2010 at 7:04:16 am
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Over 16 years of experience in US and Europe, showcased in a few minutes.
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Demo Reels
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sound track
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Thanks Carlos, and I agree about the song - I was in a hurry to get the reel out and I just looped it... I'm working on version 5.1 with a different sound track though... coming soon to the Creative Cow reels section.
demo reel
by Carlos Peña
I can say that is awesome, i mean there are many effects i dont even know how to do it xD and well, the only thing i can say tha at least for me the song is a little tiring, sinces ends in a loop is very boring keep listening the same again and again, anyway great demoreel and great work ted
your comments are appreciated
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu
Thanks for taking the time to watch my reel.
great reel
by Florin Stanciu
Waw... i'm really impressed! Maybe we'll meet and talk about some projects. If you are interested...
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