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"The Key" Official Trailer

Demo Reels : Trailer : Richard Crook's Videos : "The Key" Official Trailer

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"The Key" Official Trailer
on Jun 19, 2010 at 3:15:52 am
United States
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Official trailer for Jim Blumetti's "The Key."

Adapted from a story by Gabrielle Blumetti.

Cinematography and Editing by Richard Allen Crook and co-produced by Crooked Path Films (www.crookedpat [more]
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Very Good
by James Lawson-Smith
It kept my interest from start to finish and I still want more. I am not usually into this sort of film but this one looks interesting. Very Well Done
Sold Me
by Al B Conahan
Very very nice. Kept my interest and I want more. A rare use of a female voice artist for trailers. When and if you need a male, call me.
Great job on the trailer!
by Alf Hanna
My wife said, "Great, makes me want to see it", so I guess you've succeeded...hope to see it in movie theaters soon!
Good Job
by Rakib Uddin Rana
seems to be a good story.
beautiful color correction.
chilling music.
great job Crook.
wish to watch it.
Please rate
by Richard Crook
We're working to get this popular, so please rate. I hope you enjoy...this is a family friendly film.
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