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50A Roland Road

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50A Roland Road
on Apr 25, 2011 at 5:36:59 pm
United Kingdom
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This animated short explores architectural visualisation, but in a less traditional sense; instead of aspirational and expensive, the location is generic and functional. Through lighting, composition [more]
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Re: 50A Roland Road
by Tim Parsons
Your use of single-source lighting and simple, gentle camera movements were perfect.

You could not have chosen a better piece of music! The Village is one of my favorites... but check copyright issues. just because you gave him credit and don't make any money from its use doesn't mean it's free to use. Just a heads-up.

The 3D modeling was flawless!!! with one exception: at 1:38, the RCA plugs are a bit flat. the lighting was just a touch off... but hey, I could never achieve such realism!

Well done!
Re: 50A Roland Road
by Rusty Robbins
Wow...I thought it was a mistake that the description said "animated" short...I thought this was filmed conventionally. If true, amazing!
Re: 50A Roland Road
by George Diamond
I liked it. But obviously no one lives there. Way to clean.
Re: 50A Roland Road
by Andrew Callaghan
Beautiful - I thought it makes a great example of how film language can completely change the way we perceive a subject. Spot on!
Re: 50A Roland Road
by Ben Durrant
Thanks for all your feedback - very much appreciated. I've uploaded an additional video demonstrating the breakdown of some of the shots on my own site at:


Re: 50A Roland Road
by Dane Silzle
Lovely, I get it, beautiful camera movement, great edit, Great music (very nice peace.

Lovely !
Re: 50A Roland Road
by Scott Eckley
Great ebb and flow- lighting is great. I'm not clear on the use of music that belongs to others, but it's a nice, complementary piece.

Scott (Atlanta, Ga)
Re: 50A Roland Road
by Nic Knowland
Very nice Ben.. Nice use of camera and lighting. Can't believe it's all animated!! Did you create the set and all the models?? What program/s did you use.
Best wishes
Nic Knowland
PS.. I'm a live action cinematographer getting into animation.
Re: 50A Roland Road
by Al Bergstein
While the cinematography was wonderful, the content seems vapid. I was left wondering if it was a commercial for a kitchen remodeling shop, an anti german reactionary treatise (Band of Brothers juxtaposed with Braun kitchen appliances?), an ode to the rising middle class (did your mum ever have one of these dishwashers?) or just a study in light and texture. Anyway, I wish you luck, you seem to have a great eye, and the soundtrack was marvelous. Just add some content and you would have me! And remember, no kittens were killed in doing this review!

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