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Ngee Ann Poly (NP) Open House TVC 2009

Demo Reels : Kai Cheong's Videos : Ngee Ann Poly (NP) Open House TVC 2009

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Ngee Ann Poly (NP) Open House TVC 2009
on May 17, 2009 at 2:06:22 am
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Produced by Intuitive Films for Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP).

A catchy and colorful series of TVCs introducing Ngee Ann Poly's newly-launched courses. It also serves as an invitation to all prospectiv [more]
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Re: Ngee Ann Poly (NP) Open House TVC 2009
by John Daly
I just sent you a thank you email for a post you wrote that solved my problem, and now, here I am watching your stuff.

About the spot,
I loved it and agree with all of the comments from Tim Wilson.
I especially love the Rhythm driven text - very detailed and accurate - I might like to use that idea sometime, if you don't mind.

@John Daly
by Kai Cheong
Thanks, John! I had fun editing this piece. Graphics is [still] not my strong suit but I'm more adept at rhythm and colors - and this piece was really about those two aspects of editing.

Do share some of your works - would be interested to see what you've done.

I've a few more things uploaded on our YouTube channel - you could check out my profile for the link.


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Thanks, Tim! Happy to hear you
by Kai Cheong
Thanks, Tim! Happy to hear you loved it - thanks for the feedback as well. I had a lot of fun editing this series. Especially satisfied with how the grading made the visuals even more striking.

Uploading the other 2 TVCs from the series now.

Haven't had the chance to update our company reel, so I'll probably be uploading our other recent works in the meantime.
I love it!
by Tim Wilson
This is a very energetic piece -- nice music, strong images, and a well-paced edit for your intended audience and viewing platforms.

Please post the rest of the series here!

And if you have a company reel, be sure to post that too.
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