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A COLD MIRROR - Off The International Radar

Demo Reels : Music Video : Hector Herrera's Videos : A COLD MIRROR - Off The International Radar

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A COLD MIRROR - Off The International Radar
on Jan 31, 2010 at 10:58:42 pm
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A Cold Mirror is a collaboration between Creative Director Hector Herrera and Toronto's Off The International Radar.
Wanting to reflect the sense of urgency in the music, the visuals follow suit, ta [more]
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I enjoyed watching this
by Jim Hines
however, this is more like a "video" with music instead of "music" with video - I think the story and the colors and motion and particularly the sky scene around 3:23 are very stimulating to the imagination and senses. There are two elements that feel out of place to me - the title/credits typeface and the haunted house - the house feels like a different artistic style and for me doesn't maintain the same emotional feel - maybe that is intentional in which case bravo it worked - but - if not - then that is the impression I was left with - same with the typeface - would love to have seen the hi rez version around 2:47 with the cubes - it's really a great piece but I think it's in the wrong contest - I'm going with 4 cows -
Amazing how much emotion is conveyed
by Ian tucker
Amazing how much emotion is conveyed with such simple animation techniques and story. I felt very sad at the end. Beautiful. Great illustrations and wonderful pacing. I like that you let some shots linger. Shows how you don't need a lot of cuts to make a story engaging.
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