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Action Jones: Lux Invictus Trailer

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Action Jones: Lux Invictus Trailer
on Jul 10, 2009 at 2:10:53 pm
United States
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This is a Trailer for a feature length film I just finished. Its the 21st installment of a four year series entitled "Action Jones". The movie was a HUGE undertaking since I had to write, direct, edit [more]
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by Chris Powers
Thanks again for the tips, Ron. I will definitely keep these things in mind the next time I start a project, and I'm sure it will help add to the overall quality.

I'll have plenty more small ones coming up in the next few months, maybe I'll play around with what styles I like.
The style is yours, Chris.
by Ron Lindeboom
Thank you for realizing that I have not been demeaning you, Chris, but trying to give you constructive criticism. Thank you for receiving it that way.

The grading choices you will make will depend on the project and the look you want. Whatever those choices may be, don't start the next round of "treatment" until you open and compare and match the visual treatment of the initial phase wherein you made the original "visual hinge" decision of what the project's look-and-feel would be.

If you do that, there will always be a consistency and direction to your work.

Best always,

Ron Lindeboom
Very good points...
by Chris Powers
...I had never though of that "visual hinge" before. Of course I noticed the symetric coloring of say, Terminator Salvation, the Matrix, or LOTR, but you're very right, consistancy at this foundational level does add to the proffesional feel of the project.

I know this is not the coloring forum, but have you any quick tips for maintaining a good color grading?
Even with assorted cameras, you can still get a "close enough" color style
by Ron Lindeboom
Even using an assortment of cameras, Chris, it is still possible to get a color style for your project that is a "visual hinge" for your project -- giving a consistency to it.

Think of it as type faces in a document: newer users will get a thousand fonts for $29 and will try to use as many of them in a single document as they can. It ends up visually confusing. But a seasoned designer will use one or two type faces in a document, giving it a visual symmetry.

It is the same for color: using varying shades of similar colors or playing off of the contrasting palette gives a visual symmetry to design. Throwing ever color off the palette onto a design breeds visual chaos and disorder.

Give your projects the best chance for an audience by coming up with your "color grading style" in advance and work to that style.

It will give your projects the best chance for the greatest success.
Thanks for the comment, Ron. I
by Chris Powers
Thanks for the comment, Ron. I agree this was the first project I did any color correction with, not only that, but it was shot on 3 different cameras, so, color was not as consistent as I'd like.

As far as the B&W, Those first two scenes are from the first season, so I wanted them to be almost a our fans (all 15 of them ;) ) they'd catch that.

Thanks though, I need all the pointers I can get.
One thing I would consider...
by Ron Lindeboom that the changes between b/w and ungraded and graded color, makes for a visual morass of styles. I would create a uniform look to the series and give it a cohesive look by doing so.
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