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Advanced 2d planar Tracking possible?

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Advanced 2d planar Tracking possible?
on Aug 6, 2011 at 3:04:34 pm
hey everyone,

i think this one is pretty hard.

i'm trying to composite a video screen on this clip for this science fiction short film i've been working on for the past year.
i've been using [more]
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Re: Advanced 2d planar Tracking possible?
by Martin Brennand
It's a tough one.
The recommendations I can give are to track your mocha shape from the point with the highest amount of detail: That is, where you can see the most of the screen. Track around it's edges into the fingers so they define more of the texture detail for the edge of the screen. I would also set you min % of pixels to about 90 and use Auto channel rather than luminance.

Even then it's going to be had to track the plane, as you have a dark edge on a dark background as well as a very sheared plane in perspective. You are probably going to have to track the overall motion as best you can then do the rest manually.

Martin Brennand | Product Specialist | Imagineer Systems
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