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AE Comp

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AE Comp
on Apr 26, 2011 at 9:55:36 pm
This comp takes over 1 hour to render out a SD AVI.
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Re: AE Comp
by Steve Brame
I have an AE Template that I've edited for a project, and I'm concerned with the Render times. The Footage is all 1080P. The project contains comps for HD, as well as a couple of SD. My final needs to be an SD clip, so I'm rendering out one of the SD comps. The comp is only 26 seconds, but it takes a little over 1 hour to render out a lossless AVI. I laso have Nucleo Pro 3 installed, and rendering out with NP3 takes a little over 3 hours. My Memory settings follow this guideline...

Here are my system specs...

Asus P6X58D Premium
Core i7 950
nVidia Quadro 4000
Windows 7 Premium 64bit
System Drive - WD Caviar Black 500GB SATA
2nd Drive(Pagefile, Previews) - WD Velociraptor 10K drive(600GB)
Media Drive - 1TB RAID5 (4 - WD Caviar Black 500GB drive)
Matrox MX02 Mini
CS5 Production Premium

Steve Brame
creative illusions Productions
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